BNXN Fka Buju Co-Writes Ed Sheeran’s Latest Song, “F64” GIST

BNXN Fka Buju Co-Writes Ed Sheeran’s Latest Song, “F64”

Edward Christopher Sheeran, often known as Ed Sheeran, has given Nigerian star Daniel Benson, also known as BNXN Fka Buju, credit as a writer in his most recent release.

Buju BNXN and Nigerian UK rapper Dave featured on the song, which JAE5, a legendary Ghanaian UK record producer, produced.

When writing the song “F64” in memory of his buddy Jamal Edwards, who passed away about a year ago, Ed Sheeran chose to use the hook melody from BNXN. Ed Sheeran granted BNXN credit as a songwriter in addition to sampling his tune on the song.

This significant act demonstrates how excellent Buju’s penmanship is and how much attention he attracts from the global community.

Jamal Edwards died of complications as a result of using recreational drugs.

Before his death, He was an entertainment guru and music entrepreneur. He owned SBTV, responsible for shining the light and pushing the careers of big names like Jessie J and even Ed Sheeran himself. He was a lifelong Chelsea Fan and Ed Sheeran’s friend.

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